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Paint Couture Metallic Glaze - Copperhead

Paint Couture Metallic Glaze - Copperhead

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Our glaze is a very easy to use product; brush it on and wipe off. It is a water-based glaze that can be used over all chalk or milk paints and Paint Couture.  Create your own an antiqued or metallic look that is very popular for cabinets and furniture.  

The finish, derived from a coat of Glaze Couture, enhances your work and there is so little work to apply Glaze Couture compared to adding a coat of wax.  Clean up is easy with just soap and water.  Our glaze dries with to a satin sheen, and does offer protection for your piece so using a topcoat is not needed in most cases.  We always recommend a topcoat on cabinetry and table tops. Read on for detailed instructions!


Before applying Glaze Couture make sure your Paint Couture painted project has dried at least 4 hours.  If using chalk type paints wait at least 2 hours before applying Glaze Couture. If your project shows brush marks, sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper to remove them.  Wipe off any sandpaper dust with a damp cloth and let dry.

Apply the glaze with a brush or 1/2″ nap roller.  Liberally apply the glaze.  Be sure your tools are dry when applying the glaze.  Wait a few minutes and gently wipe off excess glaze using a staining pad, foam brush, cheesecloth or lint free cotton rag.  For more working time dampen the cheesecloth or staining pad and wring it out well, then remove the glaze. 
To use it as a stain:  Apply the glaze evenly with a foam brush and do not remove.  It can also be applied with a good quality brush and do not remove the glaze.  A second coat may be applied to deepen the glaze color after the first coat has thoroughly dried. If you have to glaze a large area and need more working time:  Paint a coat of Flat or Satin Couture Topcoat to act as a barrier coat.  Let this coat of topcoat dry 4 hours before applying the glaze. Clear Glazing Medium can be added to Glaze Couture to extend your working time. Allow the glaze to dry 24 hours before applying Couture Topcoat.  This will provide the best durability.Clean up is with warm soapy water.

After a minimum of 24 hours you may apply Couture Topcoat as desired for best durability.  Follow instructions for the product chosen.



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