After a tough journey of infertility and many traumatic pregnancy losses, we were finally blessed with the birth of our incredible son in March 2020. At that time I was working as a 911 operator/dispatcher and the plan was to take maternity leave and then return to work as normal. Little did I know life would take some wild turns!

 Our son had a heart condition that was discovered during the pregnancy; this meant NICUs, ICUs, monitors, medications and many visits to different specialists during the pregnancy and his first year. I decided to just take an extended leave of absence, as doctors expected him to outgrow his condition by the time he was one.

The loss of my income meant many changes ahead. We sold our home and hunkered down in a tiny apartment. Between being a first time mom, having a child with medical issues, the pandemic (and the isolation that came with it), the loss of half our income and the sale of our home all within 3 short months it was a very challenging and uncertain time.

As the year went on things started to settle, my sons condition was improving and I was preparing to return to work BUT, then came the next big surprise....I was pregnant again! Again, we were faced with a high-risk pregnancy with lots of monitoring, bed rest and complications. I extended my leave from work again and held my breath for 8 months (or at least that is what it felt like). Finally, our beautiful, healthy daughter was born.

At this time I was faced with a heavy decision; do I return to work as planned or stay home and raise my babies? Two babies in 15 months, recovering from the physical complications, my son still needing extra monitoring, the pandemic causing child care shortages and the high cost of childcare for two children outside of "normal" working hours. It seemed that there were so many obstacles. It was as if I'd knock one door down and another would be right behind it.

For months I was confused, unsure of anything, and just lost. I felt like my life was shifting directions quickly and I wasn't in control of any of it. I prayed endlessly!

I took a leap of faith and I resigned from my position with the department. That decision was extremely challenging for me. I loved my career, I took great pride in it, I was good at it and it was such a big part of who I am. I was thankful to be home with my children, especially with everything happening in the world at that time, but the fact was I never "planned" on being a stay-at-home mom. I was mourning the loss of my career, my financial independence, my freedom and I was suddenly living a life that was unrecognizable.

Furniture, design, architecture, interiors have always been passions and hobbies of mine. My whole life I had seen these beautiful magazine ads, model homes and design shows. I wanted to have these beautiful furniture pieces in my home but I couldn't afford it - so, over the years, I learned how to do it myself! 

With my intense work hours my hobby ended up in the background for several years, but one day I picked up the brush again and was pulled right back in. I started getting furniture from yard sales, marketplaces, thrift stores and after the kids went to bed at night I'd head to the garage for some "me" time.

I quickly realized I wanted this to be something more than just a hobby. So, Nostalgic Revival was born! In a matter of one week I formed my business, got my permits and licenses, set up a website, purchased all the necessary equipment and a few things of paint, set up shop in my garage...and got to work!

In the process of building my business I became a paint retailer for multiple paint, refinishing and craft brands and grew to over 800 products, I ship my furniture nationwide and I now have a brick-and-mortar space in San Diego County. It's still a small business, but I created it all myself and I take great pride in that!

I get to do something I truly enjoy. I get to be creative. I get to meet amazingingly talented artists. I get to help people love their living spaces. I get to see my kids every morning and night. I get to kiss every boo-boo. I get to witness every milestone. I will never have to miss a birthday, event or holiday with them because of "work". 

This journey came with tremendous sacrifice, but thanks to my loved ones and my customers I am beyond blessed; THANK YOU!


🖤 Niki