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Melange ONE New York Black - All in One Paint, Primer and Topcoat

Melange ONE New York Black - All in One Paint, Primer and Topcoat

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New York Black - now our blackest black! Even darker than our beloved Jett Black, New York Black is a bold, dramatic and big-city sophisticated hue with no undertones; sure to be an instant classic in your palette.

Due to the highly saturated nature of this shade, we suggest three coats for full coverage.

New York Black Light Reflecting Value (LRV): 2.5

Jett Black Light Reflecting Value (LRV): 5

Mood Board Credit: Trish at Scarlet Bay Redesign

Furniture Photo Credit:
Restoration Designs
Refab 6

ONE by MELANGE features primer and a built in topcoat for a lustrous finish. Water based, zero/low VOC, self priming and self leveling. The coverage is incredible, the adhesion is fantastic and the consistency is luxurious!

Mélange Paints is a small, veteran owned, woman-led paint making shop in the Houston, Texas area!



  • Prior to applying any paint products, we recommend you clean your surface with Anvil cleaner or a degreaser cleaning products. When using a degreaser other than Anvil, be sure to rinse it off well with water. If using Melange Anvil furniture cleaner, there is NO NEED TO RINSE! 

  • Sanding between coats is not required when using Melange ONE. However, for maximum results LIGHTLY sand between each coat with a 220 grit sanding pad or sponge.

  • The Rachel brush or Zibra brushes are recommended for the smoothest application.

  • Although Melange ONE has a built-in primer, using an additional primer is recommended in certain cases; a stain-blocking primer when painting over a surface where bleed-through is a concern or an adhesion primer when painting over a very slick surface. 

  • Melange ONE has a built-in topcoat, so no additional topcoat is required. However, if your project requires additional protection, such as a tabletop or high-use piece, an additional topcoat is recommended for superior protection.

  • Melange ONE may be thinned with water, if desired.

  • Dry time between coats varies from 2-4 hours, depending on climate conditions. Full cure time is 20-30 days.

  • Shelf life for open paint is approximately one year, depending on storage conditions and indefinitely for unopened paint.




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