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Melange ONE Bikini Pink - All in One Paint, Primer and Topcoat

Melange ONE Bikini Pink - All in One Paint, Primer and Topcoat

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Bikini - an eye popping, fiery hot pink…”wear” it if you dare! :) This color requires 4-5 coats for full coverage.

Photo Credits:
Cloud Art by Kristen
Refab 6


ONE by MELANGE features primer and a built in topcoat for a lustrous finish. Water based, zero/low VOC, self priming and self leveling. The coverage is incredible, the adhesion is fantastic and the consistency is luxurious!

Mélange Paints is a small, veteran owned, woman-led paint making shop in the Houston, Texas area!



  • Prior to applying any paint products, we recommend you clean your surface with Anvil cleaner or a degreaser cleaning products. When using a degreaser other than Anvil, be sure to rinse it off well with water. If using Melange Anvil furniture cleaner, there is NO NEED TO RINSE! 

  • Sanding between coats is not required when using Melange ONE. However, for maximum results LIGHTLY sand between each coat with a 220 grit sanding pad or sponge.

  • The Rachel brush or Zibra brushes are recommended for the smoothest application.

  • Although Melange ONE has a built-in primer, using an additional primer is recommended in certain cases; a stain-blocking primer when painting over a surface where bleed-through is a concern or an adhesion primer when painting over a very slick surface. 

  • Melange ONE has a built-in topcoat, so no additional topcoat is required. However, if your project requires additional protection, such as a tabletop or high-use piece, an additional topcoat is recommended for superior protection.

  • Melange ONE may be thinned with water, if desired.

  • Dry time between coats varies from 2-4 hours, depending on climate conditions. Full cure time is 20-30 days.

  • Shelf life for open paint is approximately one year, depending on storage conditions and indefinitely for unopened paint.




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