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Melange Modern Eventide - Enamel Paint for Furniture and Cabinets - No Top Coat Needed!

Melange Modern Eventide - Enamel Paint for Furniture and Cabinets - No Top Coat Needed!

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Mélange MODERN is a water-based hybrid alkyd enamel formula, ideal for doors, trim, molding and cabinetry. MODERN may also be used on furniture when an enamel finish is desired. Provides a flawless, smooth, satin sheen that cures to a rock-hard enamel finish for the extreme durability of traditional oil-based paints, but with the ease of water-based clean up.

Preparation for Use:

All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of any dirt or grease. Clean surfaces with a TSP type cleaner and rinse well. Sand or scrape any loose or peeling paint. Scuff sand glossy surfaces to remove shine and aid in paint adherence. Remove all dust from sanded surfaces with a damp lint-free cloth. Remove any existing wax or polish with mineral spirits.


Do not thin. Stir before and during application. Use adequate ventilation during application and drying process. Use product when air and surface temperature are between 50°-90°F (10°-32°C). Apply a thin coat using a high-quality synthetic brush, 1/4”-3/8” microfiber roller or an airless sprayer. Repeat coats until desired coverage is achieved. Do not apply additional topcoat.

In Addition:

2-3 coats recommended for full coverage and longevity. 2-4 hour dry time. 4-8 hour recoat time; may take longer for dark colors or in cool/damp environmental conditions.

Do not apply additional topcoat.

If using a primer from a different brand, test first for compatibility.

Approx. 550 sf coverage per gallon. Soap and water clean up. Allow 30 days for full cure. Clean painted surfaces with mild detergent. Stain blocking primer may be needed to ensure tannin blockage. Keep product from freezing.


Do not inhale sanding dust or paint fumes. Not recommended for children’s furniture due to risk of accidental ingestion. Keep product out of reach of children.



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